Monday, April 29, 2019

The Michigan Movie Guy's Top 25 Best Films of 2018

2018 was my best year at the movie theater in my 17 young years of life. I saw a record 133 movies at the movie theater, a record I hope & plan to beat this year. There were some good films, & there were some bad films. But I am here to talk about the best of the best: the top 25 best films of 2018. Note that one film will not have a link to a review, as I did not see that film in theaters. We will start with...

25. Annihilation

Visually stunning & haunting, this sci-fi horror is thought-provoking, well-acted, & terrifically directed. My review is here.

24. Ben Is Back

Powerful & realistic, this look into the opioid crisis in America benefits from a terrific cast, especially Julia Roberts & Lucas Hedges. My review is here.

23. The Old Man & the Gun

Funny & charming, this film based on a wild true story is a perfect swan song to one of the greatest actors of all time: Robert Redford. My review is here.

22. A Quiet Place

This film makes the most of its minimal dialogue to create a truly immersive horror film & one of the best horror films of the past few years. My review is here.

21. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Innovative & stylish, this animated film is the best superhero film of 2018, & the best animated film of 2018. My review is here.

20. Mission: Impossible - Fallout

This sixth installment in the franchise brings it to new heights, in storytelling, filmmaking, &, of course, stunts. My review is here.

19. BlacKkKlansman

Bitingly satirical & all-too timely, this Spike Lee joint is one of his best joints in years, showing that he does have a lot of gas left in his tank. My review is here.

18. Blindspotting

Wildly funny, eye-opening, & wholly original, this dramedy is a love letter to Oakland, a commentary on police brutality & race relations, & a story of friendship all at once. My review is here.

17. Leave No Trace

A heart-achingly intimate & beautiful depiction of an unorthodox father-daughter relationship powered by two terrific performances. My review is here.

16. Love, Simon

A hilarious & heartwarming coming-of-age film that finally gives LGBTQ+ youth what they've wanted to see on screen for years. My review is here.

15. Hereditary

One of the best horror films in recent memory, this film pulls no punches in terms of scare power & also far separates itself from the rest of the horror pack. My review is here.

14. First Reformed

A dark & disturbing film, this look into a crisis of faith is powered by Ethan Hawke's greatest performance & the return to form of one of our most underrated directors, Paul Schrader. My review is here.

13. Private Life

Terrifically funny & tenderly heartwarming, this look into the troubles of becoming parents is buoyed by great performances & a wonderful screenplay.

12. Wildlife

This 1960s-set domestic drama is buoyed by terrific performances & a wonderful directorial debut from Paul Dano. My review is here.

11. Can You Ever Forgive Me?

This shocking true-life story is brought to life through career-best work from Melissa McCarthy & Richard E. Grant & a wildly funny script.

10. If Beale Street Could Talk

A tender yet heartbreaking piece that is also very timely, this is another masterwork from Barry Jenkins, one of our best directors of the age. My review is here.

9. Game Night

One of the greatest dark comedies of the decade, this terrific film shows us what mainstream dark comedies once were & what they could be again. My review is here.

8. Roma

A gorgeously intimate film, this is Alfonso CuarĂ³n at his most personal & most artistic, & it is one of the best foreign language films I've ever seen. My review is here.

7. A Star Is Born

With great performances, a terrific directorial debut from Bradley Cooper, & excellent writing, this is the rare remake of a remake of a remake that truly works. My review is here.

6. The Favourite

A delightfully whimsical period piece that is terrifically acted, beautifully crafted, & just brilliantly written. My review is here.

5. Widows

With a cast that includes one of the best villainous performances in this decade, & direction that knows how to balance style & substance, this is the best heist film I've ever seen. My review is here.

4. First Man

An intimate & unorthodox biopic, this film takes us into the life of Neil Armstrong, which is beautifully depicted through the performances, filmmaking & writing. My review is here.

3. Vice

A bitingly funny look into the most powerful Vice President in American history, this brilliant dark comedy shows us how evil Dick Cheney truly was. My review is here.

2. You Were Never Really Here

One of the greatest filmmaking achievements of this century, this crime thriller is a no-holds-barred nightmare of tension & trauma, further brought to life by Joaquin Phoenix's greatest performance. My review is here.

1. Eighth Grade

Wildly hilarious, tenderly heartwarming, & jaw-droppingly realistic, this look into the most cringeworthy year of our lives is the most realistic depiction of it that I've ever seen, & it is further brought to life by the best performance of the year in Elsie Fisher, a terrific directorial debut from Bo Burnham, & a truly phenomenal screenplay from Bo Burnham.

Well, that's my list for the best films of 2018. It was a terrific year for film, & I definitely hope 2019 is just as good of a year for film.

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