Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Lovers

★★★ - A Review by Cameron Kanachki

"Everybody knows I'm an idiot, alright?" That's a hilarious quote from Tracy Letts in The Lovers, a uneven but overall good dramedy. Letts plays Michael, a middle-aged man stuck in a dead-end job. Him & his wife, Mary (played by Debra Winger), have been distant from each other. Michael has been cheating on Mary with Susan (played by Melora Walters), & Mary has been cheating on Michael with Robert (played by Aidan Gillen). They both plan to divorce each other in order to be with their respective lovers, which they will tell each other soon. One morning, Michael & Mary wake up to find themselves embracing in bed. After this, they find themselves falling back in love again, much to the chagrin of their respective lovers. But the arrival of Michael & Mary's son, Joel (played by Tyler Ross) & his girlfriend, Erin (played by Jessica Sula) starts to unravel everything.

The cast is amazing. Azazel Jacobs's direction is mediocre. Azazel Jacobs's screenplay is great. The editing by Darrin Navarro is mediocre. And the score by Mandy Hoffman is amazing. Although there are some big rough spots, this is overall an okay dramedy.

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