Monday, August 29, 2016

Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates

★★★½ - A Review by Cameron Kanachki

"WE DON'T RILE EACH OTHER UP!" "WE NEVER GET RILED UP!" That's part of a hilarious conversation involving Zac Efron & Adam Devine in Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates, one of the funniest films of the year. The film is based on the true story of Mike & Dave Stangle, who, in 2013, went to Craigslist to find dates for their sister's wedding, eventually landing them on The Wendy Williams Show. Efron & Devine portray Dave & Mike Stangle, respectively, who after screwing up countless family gatherings, are forced by their parents (played by Stephen Root & Stephanie Faracy) to find sensible dates for their sister Jeanie's (played by Sugar Lyn Beard) wedding in Hawaii. 

After finding no luck, Mike & Dave decide to go to Craigslist & post an ad seeking sensible women to bring as dates for an all-expenses paid trip, eventually leading to an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show. Alice (played by Anna Kendrick) & Tatiana (played by Aubrey Plaza), 2 best friends, see them being interviewed. Alice had been dumped at the altar some time before, still feels guilt for it. Tatiana decides that this will be the vacation they need. Problem is, Alice & Tatiana are absolute party girls. They desperately clean up their acts, & eventually become Mike & Dave's dates to the wedding, but the trip to Hawaii is definitely not as it seems.

The cast, especially Aubrey Plaza, is hilarious. The direction from Jake Szymanski is good, along with the screenplay from Andrew J. Cohen & Brendan O'Brien. Although the film does fall apart somewhat in the final act, it is still one of the year's most hilarious films.

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